It’s All About the People

Three lego people

How do we focus on the people side of change in this brave new world of constant and complex change? Karen Ferris shares her views.

10 Tips for Better ITSM Tool Selection

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This article shares ten tips – those related to ITSM process enablement and usability – to help with your ITSM tool selection process. With a link to a further 25 tips.

Help with ITSM in 2018

We need your help with ITSM topics for 2018… How can we better help you navigate your current ITSM challenges? Please provide your input as to what topics we should cover throughout the year.

18 ITSM Tips for a Better 2018

2018 let's make it great!

So, what are the 18 most important ITSM tips for 2018? If I really knew the answer to this, then I’d probably be drinking cocktails on a beach somewhere right now. And anyone who can offer you such a list could also probably sell you a bottle of snake oil. What I can offer though, […]