Have you ever wanted to learn about something but found it too difficult to get into? Take IT service management (ITSM) for example – there’s lots of information out there but there are numerous barriers to its consumption. From being behind paywalls, through being too difficult to understand as a beginner, to being – how can I politely put this? – too “dry.” It’s why I’ve decided to create a “Learning ITSM from Scratch” video series.

Why me? Well, I’m perfectly qualified because I know absolutely nothing about ITSM! Additionally, I have a passion for media – so I’ll enjoy creating the videos.

How this came about

While sitting here thinking about how to write this post, I thought it best to start with something I know about – me! And something simple, an introduction.

So, my name is Emma. I’m 34 and I have no knowledge or experience of this “ITSM” thing. I need to though as, after wanting a career change, I had a few meetings with some very nice people and was offered an opportunity I could not pass up. But then a tricky question was put to me: “Do you know what ITSM is?”

Trying to learn about ITSM

Of course, I replied “No” and was given a link to a few websites to have a look at.

I’m sure these websites were full of a lot of good information (although I can’t guarantee this in my current state of ITSM awareness) but all I saw was a collection of letters and words that just didn’t make sense. So, I did the only thing I know how to when faced with this type of problem – I went to YouTube.

Again, I found what appeared to be many helpful videos. They made a little bit more sense than the websites, but I still struggled to find anything that made sense to me on a basic level.

So, what next?

After this, I had another meeting and was given what I like to see as not only an opportunity but also a challenge. I was asked to create a video series on the basics of ITSM, what it is and how it helps us in everyday situations whether at work or at home. We’re going on a journey together; I’m going to take you with me as I learn the meaning of ITSM in a way that someone with no knowledge just like me will understand. We’re going to break it down in a fun and informative set of videos where you and I will learn all about ITSM and its importance.

Let’s get rid of the gobbledygook (wow, Microsoft Word actually accepted that, who knew) and strip it down but have some fun while we do it. Before you know it both you (if you don’t know much about ITSM) and I will be experts in this topic (to some extent, let’s not get too confident here just yet) and I’m sure that the next time you hear phrases like: “incident management”, “change management” and problem management” you will have the knowledge to know exactly what they mean without having to Google it.

Getting started with ITSM

If you’re just getting started in ITSM this is going to be the perfect way to get a better understanding on the subject. You’ll find the videos right here on ITSM.tools and they won’t be very long – we’re not going for an Oscar here. Don’t be afraid and think that you’re never going to understand this because remember, I’m just like you. I’m right here with you and if I can do this, so can you. As I said before, we’re going to make this easy, simple, fun, and informative. Forget those videos where someone in a suit is standing in an office environment spewing out words that none of us have ever heard of before, what you have here is a mid-30s woman with zero experience learning this herself the only way she knows how…the simple way.

I’m very excited for this and I really can’t wait to get started on my journey, not only do I get to do something I love (make videos) but I also get to learn something new and I thrive on learning new information. If you do have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask as myself or Stephen (who is the expert behind this project) will be here to help. It’s not scary and I’m very confident that this will help you look at the letters ITSM and no longer have to frantically search the internet for some kind of human explanation for what it is.

Until I speak with you again, take care and remember…you can do this!