Maximizing the Value of New (and Existing) IT Support Capabilities

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Service desks have already been struggling with the likes of chat and self-service, and now in the midst of all the hype surrounding the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and chatbots in particular – we have to ask: is the average service desk going to be successful with this new technology?

How to Become an IT Service Desk Manager

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Are you planning on becoming an IT service desk manager? If so, then this article is just for you. Please read on as Emma Lander covers off much of what’s needed to get you into this role – from the route taken to qualifications that will help.

9 Steps for Selecting the Right IT Service Provider

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Third-party IT service providers are plentiful – the obstacle is in choosing the right one and the right kind of services. To help, this article shares nine important criteria to consider to help steer your organization in the right direction.

10 People-Related Tips for ITSM Success

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Here Paul Wilkinson covers the things that can help IT organizations to traverse the people-related issues and barriers to success – sharing a list of 10 critical success factors, crafted as tips, for dealing with the ABC of IT. The only questions is: how much of this are you already doing?

ITSM in 2019 and What We Should Learn from Our Past

ITSM in 2019

In this 2019-focused article, Stephen Mann asks whether the ITSM industry’s love of next-year predictions are as helpful as they could be. And whether, for 2019, we should be more realistic about what we will, or can, achieve.

Getting Process Automation and Digital Transformation Right

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Automation of processes (across the organization) is something that should be treated very seriously and carefully – it can be dangerous when not properly implemented and/or defined. Here we look at the key requirements for, and benefits of, successful process automation (and digital transformation).