An Overview of Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management Checklist

This article provides an overview of what Organizational Change Management (OCM) is and why it’s important. Plus it offers some practical advice as to what organizational change management should involve. Read it here.

Why Managed Service Providers Should Connect with Customer Systems


Increasingly managed service providers (MSPs) are connecting their systems with their customers’ systems. In doing so ultimately improving the user experience in a number of ways, helping MSPs to stand out in the value that they offer. But how are MSPs reaping the rewards of their customer integration efforts?

3 Ways to Benefit from a Service Catalog

Service Catalog Ways

Done well, a service catalog will act as a single, consistent source of information to employees for all of the IT and business services available to them. But how should your organization leverage a service catalog? This article shares advice on how to best exploit a service catalog as a multifaceted ITSM capability.

Artificial Intelligence: A Journey, Not an End Goal

Artificial Intelligence Revolution

There’s increasingly a culture by which people see current AI capabilities a let-down. That’s because science-fiction-based expectations – so let’s get rid of them and take a look at how AI has actually evolved and will continue to evolve in reality.

How to Improve Your IT Service Desk’s Knowledge Management

Library of Service Desk Knowledge

Want to know what IT service desks that succeed with knowledge management do differently? Here we share eight tips based on what successful IT service desks have done to achieve their knowledge management success to help you on your own knowledge management journey.

The State of Wellbeing in ITSM – it’s Not Great 

Wellbeing in ITSM

With a massive 86% of survey respondents thinking that working in IT is going to get harder in the next three years, here we take a look at the impact that working in ITSM has on employee mental health and wellbeing – showcasing our latest survey results.

Critical Ingredients for Running Your IT Department in 2020

Running Your IT Department

Here Steve Morgan shares nine critical ingredients for running your IT department in 2020 and beyond – and fear not, because the advice contained herein is just as relevant in 2020, as it was in 2010, and as it will be in 2030; with people being the number one important factor!

Here’s How to Make Your ITSM and IT Support Metrics Work Better

Make Your ITSM and IT Support Metrics Work Better

Have your metrics got too much of an internal focus? Perhaps your SLAs are seen as the adjudicator of performance success? Or maybe you do nothing with performance metrics? Read this article for some simple suggestions to make your ITSM and IT support metrics work better for you and your customers.