’ ITSM Webinars

This “living” article has been created as a handy resource that lists the ITSM webinars has participated in since 2021. It’ll be regularly updated during 2022 with new webinars as needed.

The State of ITSM Two Years into the Pandemic

State of ITSM

This article shares the highlights of the most recent State of ITSM report looking at the impact of employee remote working, challenges related to the pandemic, technology adoption, and the business view of IT.

40 of the Best ITSM Blog Sites

ITSM Blog Sites

Here Sophie Danby shares a list of what she believes are currently the best ITSM blog sites including vendors, member organizations and consultancies. There’s 40 in total. Read the list here.

Problem Management Isn’t Just for Incidents

Problem Management

What is a “problem”? If your mindset is influenced by ITIL, you might be missing out on the inherent potential of problem management. Here Michael Keeling explains.

How AI Improves Knowledge Sharing in ITSM

AI Improves Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge hoarding is a big challenge organizations face today. To this end, AI-enabled tools have considerable potential to manage data and help organizations to transform people’s experiences and knowledge accumulated over time into collective knowledge for the organization.

Solving Simple IT Helpdesk Issues with Automation

IT Helpdesk Issues and Automation

Have you not changed your ITSM tool in years because making minor changes is too cumbersome and expensive? Then it might be time to move on. The good news is that most modern ITSM tools provide task automation and easy reporting to save valuable time and resources.

4 Tips to Cure Zoom Fatigue with ITSM

Zoom Fatigue

How can you combat the downsides of remote and hybrid work? Nancy Louisnord shares four tips for how an effective service management and knowledge management strategy can help.

ITSM Misinformation and the (ITSM) Walking Dead

ITSM Misinformation

Have you ever been told that your business must do something because ITIL/Agile/DevOps, etc. “says so”? If the answer is ‘yes,’ you have been exposed to the zombie experience virus… though most people don’t realize it.

Michael Keeling

Michael Keeling

Michael has been providing consulting and guidance related to IT Operations and Service Management to enterprise level organizations in many industries for more than 25 years. He began his IT career in Operations and has extensive background in a wide range of IT practices and concepts.  He promotes a reality and evidence based approach to […]

The 5 Hottest ITSM Trends (and Topics) for 2022

Hottest ITSM Trends for 2022

We asked our readers which topic areas they and their fellow ITSM practitioners would like content-related help with in 2022, and here we share the results.