40 of the Best ITSM Blog Sites

ITSM Blog Sites

Here Sophie Danby shares a list of what she believes are currently the best ITSM blog sites including vendors, member organizations and consultancies. There’s 40 in total. Read the list here.



This article looks at SLAs in a SIAM world. That to succeed (with SIAM), your organization’s service architecture model must be well understood, with the third-party service providers, the SIAM function, and internal service providers working well together.

How Can ITSM Practitioners Improve Themselves in 2022?

ITSM Practitioners

We asked 35 industry authorities for their thoughts on how practitioners should be improving themselves next year. From widening their knowledge, skills, and experience to listening more, here’s what they had to say.

The 5 Simple Rules of Effective IT Governance

Effective IT Governance

Follow the five simple rules described in this article by Steve Morgan to help you to prevent your organization from getting caught out by the common pitfalls when it comes to effective IT governance.

How to Ensure Your SIAM Contract Requirements Fit the Bill

SIAM Contract Requirements

This article by Steve Morgan outlines the key factors to consider when developing SIAM contract requirements, specifically concerning the use of a disaggregated service model, involving multiple service providers.

12 Books Every ITSM Practitioner Should Read

Books ITSM Practitioners Should Read

Ready to invest more in yourself? Here Earl Begley shares a list of 12 books and publications to read AND utilize to improve your leadership skills as an ITSM practitioner.

Building an Effective Service Request Process in a SIAM model

The Service Request Process in a SIAM model

Here IT industry authority Steve Morgan provides his advice on how to build an effective SIAM service request process and how to overcome common challenges.

41 Pieces of Practical Advice for IT Leaders for 2021

Practical Advice for IT Leaders

Here, 41 ITSM and IT management industry authorities provide what they believe to be practical advice for IT leaders to help them succeed in 2021 and beyond. The responses are interesting and varied, so please take a look.

2021 ITSM Trends


How will ITSM, or service management per se, need to change in 2021? Or perhaps how it will be forced to change to reflect the radically different world that we now live and work in?

Building an IT Demand Management Center

IT Demand Management Center

Demand management is a critical ITSM capability that’s often done in an ad hoc way. However, organizations should instead approach demand management proactively – to help, this article explains some of the “how.”