This is the bio of the amazing Ron van Haasteren

Ron van Haasteren

Global Culture Strategist at TopDesk

Ron van Haasteren is the international culture strategist for TOPdesk worldwide. As a passionate promotor, Ron strives to inspire service management professionals to focus on how a great company culture adds value, by engaging employees, and helping them deliver service excellence in return. Ron’s also an expert on how to keep the company culture alive, and get the core values known by all employees. As TOPdesk’s go-to culture expert, he’s a valuable stakeholder in the story of the company, and an important player in the onboarding process of new employees by making sure the core values are known and understood. Ron has over eight years of experience in service management, communication, company culture, and employee engagement. On these topics, Ron is a public speaker for many industry leading events in Europe.

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