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Recently in our industry, there’s been a lot of talk (and some action) about mental health. With this in mind, this article looks at what, as a customer, you should be thinking about in order to protect the mental health of your service providers to ensure that you get the most from the relationship.
In this article, industry authorities Paul Wilkinson and Daniel Breston discuss the importance of value streams, looking at how they function, and explaining why you’ll need to change your thinking about work to benefit from them.
All too often people view IT asset management as an unnecessary expense or they find a multitude of excuses (which are often based on myths) that prevent them from investing time, effort, and money in ITAM capabilities. So this article aims to debunk said myths, and overlay the facts over the fiction.
People often tend to misunderstand the many terms used with artificial intelligence (AI), such as AI itself, machine learning, deep learning, and others. As such, this article aims to help you differentiate and understand the various roles these capabilities can play in IT service management.
Where should your organization start with DevOps? Or, alternatively, if your organization has already started its DevOps journey, what else should it be doing to increase the probability of its efforts realizing the expected benefits of introducing the new ways of working? This article explores.
This article provides an overview of what Organizational Change Management (OCM) is and why it’s important. Plus it offers some practical advice as to what organizational change management should involve. Read it here.
Increasingly managed service providers (MSPs) are connecting their systems with their customers’ systems. In doing so ultimately improving the user experience in a number of ways, helping MSPs to stand out in the value that they offer. But how are MSPs reaping the rewards of their customer integration efforts?
Here Paul Wilkinson discusses the ABC of ICT and how it’s still as relevant today as it was 15 years ago, if not MORE relevant. In particular, that digital transformation initiatives will fail if ABC factors are not addressed.
With a massive 86% of survey respondents thinking that working in IT is going to get harder in the next three years, here we take a look at the impact that working in ITSM has on employee mental health and wellbeing – showcasing our latest survey results.
In the 2019 Future of ITSM survey, just over half of respondents felt that working in IT is adversely affecting their personal wellbeing. Coupled with the increasing number of people that we know and love in ITSM opening up about their experiences of wellbeing issues, felt that the ITSM industry needs to at least find out how big the issue is.
This article serves as a quick guide to help you create reliable measures for assessing customer satisfaction, complete with 6 useful tips.
This article asks how we can possibly expect to achieve our digital transformation agenda without basic service request management building blocks in place, and offers up seven tips for optimizing your service request management capabilities as part of your organization’s digital transformation activities.
The Agile Manifesto promotes increased agility through the continuous and frequent delivery of a valuable product, continual feedback loops in order to incorporate changing requirements, and collaboration. But unfortunately, much of its guidance has been misinterpreted. This article looks at what agility isn’t.
SIAM is an approach for managing multiple suppliers of business and IT services, seamlessly integrating them to provide a single business-facing IT organization and “end-to-end services” that meet business requirements. If you’re considering SIAM within your organization, here’s 10 tips to help.
Though self-hosted options may appear the easiest and most cost-effective, they can pale in comparison to the benefits of managed hosting services. This article looks at how managed hosting functions as a service model, as well as the myriad of benefits it presents to both customers and business owners.