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Are you sitting either side of a DevOps and ITSM divide? The truth is, they’re really no different to one another. Here Daniel Breston challenges you to change your perception of DevOps and ITSM and start talking in a common language.
Here Stevie Chambers explains two extensions of Blue-Green Deployments and Canary Releases to being controlled by ITSM tools for both cloud and non-cloud scenarios.
Creating the ‘joy of work’ and the ‘joy of working’ are two necessary conditions to creating a positive employee experience, says Akshay Anand. Here he dives deeper into why, as well as how using ITIL 4 guidance can help you to create an environment that is not only a pleasure to work in, but also one that offers rewarding and motivating work opportunities.
This article by Roy Atkinson looks at the people, process, and technology perspectives of how to successfully measure employee experience. Plus advice on how best to obtain survey responses.
Adobe is set to remove support of Adobe Flash on the 31st December 2020. With that date rapidly approaching, companies need to be fully prepared. This article shares three steps for ensuring your organization effectively manages the change and remains secure.
In this article Steve Morgan shares his experiences of implementing multi-vendor IT operating models, offering up eight key areas of advice to help you on your own SIAM journey.
This article by Joe the IT Guy describes three Lean concepts (Pull the Andon, Genchi Genbutsu and Gemba, and Nemawashi) that can be applied to ITSM – helping ITSM teams with their work tasks and enhancing the quality of leadership. Read it now.
Working from home can be great but it isn’t always easy. So, has the COVID-19 crisis affected your wellbeing? Please help us find out where the industry is right now by taking 1-2 minutes to answer our latest Wellbeing in IT survey.
Are traditional business continuity planning and management practices dated? Daniel Breston thinks so. In this article, he explains many of the common business continuity issues and how blending in newer IT management approaches such as DevOps will help.
Most IT departments understand the benefits of working collaboratively. However, the idea of ripping up everything they know and considering other departments’ processes is a tough sell. To help, here’s six techniques you can use to collaborate better with the other departments in your organization.
To help your organization to get started with software asset management, here are seven tips for formulating an effective software asset management capability (and these could also be applied to the creation of any business capability).
Are you experiencing a cycle of disappointment and failure in trying to bring about real change in your organization? Here Steve Morgan discusses how a recent trip to the fairground reminded him of the many of the emotions businesses go through during their change programs, and ways to avoid them.
With ITAM now one of ITIL 4’s 34 management practices, it’s time to raise awareness of all things ITAM-related, including software license management. So, to help this article offers three practical tips on how to get a better handle on your software licensing obligations.
Sealing the best deal on a hardware, software, or services contract comes down to more than just price. Sure, you may realize upfront savings, but you risk incurring unforeseen expenses. To help, here are four tips that will allow you to be a step ahead in any contract negotiations with IT suppliers.
What will we all be concerned about in ITSM in 2020? To help, here’s a poll-results-based article that looks at what will be the hot trends and topics – in terms of reader interest – in 2020. If nothing else, you’ll probably be surprised at where some ITSM topic areas have been voted in at.