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A man excited about money growing on trees
Understanding How to Demonstrate the Business Value of IT

In order to understand IT services better, and make the translation into business value, they can be broken down into three groups of properties: better IT services, faster delivery of IT services, and cheaper IT services. Here, industry authority Mark Smalley takes a closer look at these three dimensions.

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IT Orgs must change
7 Things You Must Do to Run IT as a Business

Here Doug Tedder discusses seven fundamental things that IT must do to run like a business, including: having a compelling portfolio of services and products and exhibiting financial and business acumen. After all, the business of the future demands a technology partner that acts and runs like a business.

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The Impact of DevOps on Business Continuity

Agile and DevOps practices are adopted to help resolve complex business issues at speed while still providing an increased certainty of intent, quality, and safety, but have you ever stopped to think about the the impact of Agile and DevOps on your business continuity practices?  

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AIOps wave of data
AIOps: Getting Ready for The Next Wave Of ITSM

AI and machine-learning, once obscure academic subjects, are now the talk of dinner tables and cocktail parties. But how can the new technologies and techniques of AIOps extend and integrate with established ITSM foundations to help prepare organisations for the future of IT? This article explores.

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Is IT Part of the Business or Just a Supplier?

IT is a critical business function, with any significant outage a disaster – exactly why the CIO should have a seat on the Board. So why does the question of whether IT is part of the business or a supplier persist? Is IT the victim of an injustice or maybe just super-bad at PR? Let’s take a look.

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The Growing Role of ESM in Education

How can enterprise service management (ESM) benefit educational institutions (schools and higher education) by making service delivery and support more efficient and effective through the leveraging of existing IT investments? Here we explore, with examples of what ESM looks like in the education sector.

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5 Steps for Better IT Stakeholder Management and Communications

There’s one major area of IT that unlike the rest isn’t clearly defined — the people. And it’s why effective stakeholder management is so vital to your IT success. Here we dig into what stakeholder management is and provide a simple, five-step framework to help manage your stakeholders more effectively.

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Security Threat Hunting: Using a Honeypot, SIEM, and Some OSINT

After attending a demonstration of live, real-time, security threat hunting, Daniel Card was left disappointed. So for this article he decided – in line with his research – to hunt out some real-life security threats on the internet on his own. Here you can get the lowdown and see the actual data he found.

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4 Ways Digital Transformation Affects IT Support

The new, and higher, expectations of digital consumers – which includes employees – now means that IT organizations need to reassess their IT support services and capabilities across four key areas including service support strategies and service desk operating models; here Sarah Lahav discusses all four.

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Forget watermelon SLAs, you need XLAs
What Exactly Are XLAs and How Do You Use Them?

Yes you should aim to solve tickets as quickly as possible, but there’s more to it than that. Meeting an SLA doesn’t guarantee that the customer is happy. You need to put the emphasis on customer experience. You need XLAs, and here’s why.

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