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Learning ITSM from scratch
Learning ITSM from Scratch

New to ITSM? Familiar with IT support but not so sure about ITIL terminology or the full scope of service management? This article outlines a new initiative from – learning ITSM from scratch – and introduces you to our chosen “beginner”.

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ITSM people chasing a jalapeno
ITSM Hot Topics: And in Last Place… People

Why is it that in the list of recently published ITSM hot topics, “people” topics come nowhere near the top? Do people not understand that business change is not built on process and technology, it’s built on people. Read more here.

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hippo reading up on design thinking
Use Design Thinking to Improve Your ITSM

Instead of IT being a business support function, IT is needed as an innovation engine within the company – this means that CIOs must find ways to promote and institutionalize innovation. Design thinking can be one of the ways to do that.

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