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Chatbots are a great opportunity for IT service desks to up speed, reduce costs, and to improve the customer experience, but will they also serve to highlight yet more people-based issues?
What’s the point of virtual assistants like Alex for the IT service desk? And how can we make use of the technology to improve service desk efficiency? Let’s take a look.
What’s the key to improved IT service desk performance? And what can we learn from an exemplar B2C success story to drive service and support success? Take a look.
As demands on the IT department are rising, customer service expectations increase, could an IT self-service portal be your saving grace?
Internal IT support will probably always lag behind external customer support, but there’s still things we need to better understand, says Stephen Mann.
In aiming for chat success, it’s worth comparing chat with the currently-far-more-popular IT self-service. There are many similarities, here we aim to dive into them in a little more detail.
This article offers a quick, and easy, insight into the Analyst 2.0 report published by SDI and what skills are needed by future service desk analysts.
The findings of the Sunrise Mobile and Summer Survey are in and make interesting reading. So, what did we find out about IT service desk life in 2017?  
It’s easy to get stuck in one-size-fits-all IT self-service portals. So, let me kick this blog off with a quick example of self-service that works. 
Here we skim the surface of a new “Realizing ROI from Self-Service Technologies” report, also looking at key obstacles to IT self-service success.
The ability for IT end users to self-serve, or self-help, continues to advance, but what do we REALLY need from a self-service portal?
Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, provides quick and accurate translation across communication channels, notably chat and ticketing.
Following our webinar on how technology is changing the IT support landscape, we answer the top 5 questions raised. Plus preparing for the next 5 years.
With Game of Thrones returning to our TVs, and other devices, here are a few GOT-inspired IT support and IT Service Desk memes for your entertainment.
Surveys are showing that traditional multilingual support approaches are showing signs of ineffectiveness, leaving a big void for some service desks.