ITIL Articles

How will ITSM, or service management per se, need to change in 2021? Or perhaps how it will be forced to change to reflect the radically different world that we now live and work in?
Here Joe the IT Guy shares three tips to consider, and apply, before committing your organization to the risk of an emergency change, from questioning the change’s emergency status to taking the time required to make the best decision possible.
This is the first in a three-part series of ITSM articles about the new thinking in change management that offers a practical and pragmatic approach to managing change in the new business and IT worlds.
From incident management to problem management, managing changes to exploiting knowledge, here Joe the IT Guy shares his five top tips for successfully getting started with ITIL.
In a previous article we presented the results of our ITIL 4 adoption survey. Here we dive deeper into some of the correlations to help establish the different views on ITIL 4 and its adoption across different role types.
The first day using your service management solution is important. But for your service desk to be as efficient and intuitive as it can be, you’ve got to continually improve your knowledge and use of the tool. The best people to guide you along the way? ITSM consultants. Here’s why.
If you’re a large organization, or an IT service provider offering services to large enterprises, then reviewing your standard service model on a regular basis is imperative. Ensuring that it stays aligned with your business and IT strategy. This article explains why and how to create one if you haven’t already got one in place.
Continuous (or continual) improvement is something that every IT organization should have embedded in its practices. With that in mind, this article by Joe the IT Guy explains how to get the most from your continual improvement methods.
While PRINCE2 and ITIL are commonly seen as separate bodies of IT management best practice, this article offers a connection between the two – explaining how your organization can use the PRINCE2 methodology to help with its adoption of ITIL 4.
One year on from the launch of ITIL 4, we ran an survey to assess the level of its adoption across exam and qualification uptake, organizational use, and peoples’ expectations of benefits of the new body of ITSM guidance. The results will likely surprise you.
This article provides an overview of why a Service Request Catalog Framework is an important addition to an enterprise’s overall service strategy – and offers up five tips for you to get started in creating one.
The global COVID-19 crisis has focused organizations on many things, including continuity planning and disaster recovery. However, it’s also highlighted the need for better risk management. This article from AXELOS looks at how various ITIL 4 practices will help your organization to better assess and manage risks.
In difficult times, while there needs to be attention on the firefighting at hand, it’s also good to look to the future. So, in this article we asked 36 people from all walks of ITSM to share their thoughts and opinions on how COVID-19 is going to impact the future of ITSM.
This article looks to demonstrate the importance of the ITIL 4 service value system and how demand and opportunities enter the workflows in your organization. 
What does a host of ITSM tool vendor personnel, industry analysts, and training service providers think the year ahead will hold for ITIL 4, when asked: “How do you see ITIL 4 impacting the ITSM industry over the next few years?”