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Human and a robot talking
20 Tips for Creating Your ITSM Future

Seven ITSM influencers share their advice on creating your ITSM future: including how the changing landscape demands new approaches, and what you should be considering now (and later) with regards to chatbots and machine learning.

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IT Clothes fit for use
Four Things That Ensure “Fit for Use”

In IT it’s important to remember that while a solution may be technically-sound and “fit for purpose,” value cannot be realized if those solutions are not also “fit for use.” Here Doug Tedder shares his advice on how to ensure that your solutions are both.

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Governing the cloud
How ITSM Can Now Govern the Cloud

For too long IT service managers have been left out of the cloud explosion. Here Stevie Chambers explains how you can finally address the people, process, and technology aspects of cloud service management.

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Advice on how to create an ITSM roadmap
How to Successfully Create an ITSM Roadmap

There’s a wealth of materials available to help create or improve various ITSM processes and increase levels of maturity. But how do we turn this into a ITSM roadmap? Here Richard Josey discusses how to build and refine yours.

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Learning ITSM from scratch
Learning ITSM from Scratch

New to ITSM? Familiar with IT support but not so sure about ITIL terminology or the full scope of service management? This article outlines a new initiative from – learning ITSM from scratch – and introduces you to our chosen “beginner”.

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