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Changing ITSM – Let’s Talk Customers, AI, and Mental Health

In this article, Sophie Danby looks back at a recent industry conference and uses it as a platform to discuss the changing face of ITSM, the ever-growing importance of customer service, the industry focus on Artificial Intelligence, and why we – in ITSM – need to focus more on the darker side of mental health.

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The Top 10 People Issues of ITSM (and the ABC of IT)

Best practice adoption failure is often blamed on tools and processes, but in reality these failures are actually caused by people issues. It’s not just limited to best practice though, here Paul Wilkinson looks at the top ten people-related barriers to ITSM success.

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The 12-Step Journey to Modern Service Management

This article summarizes the 12-step journey to Modern Service Management. It provides useful nuggets of information and takeaways you can apply immediately; with the journey map used to help to prevent and/or mitigate failures and to optimize successes.

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ITSM Statistics – Does IT Know the Business?

Here you’ll find our latest survey results related to ITSM pros and their business knowledge and focus – with the responses showing both positive and negative aspects of modern-day IT service delivery and support. Read on for analysis covering the likes of customer centricity and the business impact of IT issues.

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20 Tips for Creating Your ITSM Future

Seven ITSM influencers share their advice on creating your ITSM future: including how the changing landscape demands new approaches, and what you should be considering now (and later) with regards to chatbots and machine learning.

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