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Artificial Intelligence Use – It’s Now an ITSM Necessity

A recent survey conducted by OTRS Group revealed that nearly three times as many IT teams as last year want to introduce artificial intelligence to make ITSM processes more efficient.
In a recent webinar with SymphonyAI, I spoke about what our data is showing us regarding the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in IT service management (ITSM). This article shares some of the discussed points.
After a couple of days at the Service Desk and IT Support Show (SITS) in April, I came away with lots of IT service management (ITSM) learnings. Following on from my initial blog on the things I’ve taken away from SITS written for i3Works, here are some more shared ITSM learnings
What IT service management (ITSM) trends and developments will we see in 2024? And how will these impact the way you work? Many factors affect service management, but these are the ones TOPdesk anticipates will have the most impact.
This article shares six basics tips for the practical implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Read it here.
This article shares the results of our 2024 content poll, insights into how ITSM trends have changed, trend-related opinions, and links to existing content that might still be helpful.
If you’ve worked in ITSM roles long enough, you’ve probably been told, “ITSM is a journey, not a destination” at some point. But a journey is a series of destinations and for long journeys these break up the route and provide a sense of direction and accomplishment as they are reached. But what does this have to do with ITSM? This article explains. and Atomicwork recent ran two AI adoption surveys. The first was with North American IT professionals. The second was a separate survey that sought end-user, i.e. non-IT personnel, perspectives of corporate AI adoption. This article summarizes some of the key findings.
This article shares some of the key ITSM insights from BMC Connect 2023, many of which relate to the opportunity for IT organizations to leverage AI to improve their operations and the associated business outcomes.
IT teams continue to face an onslaught and multitude of challenges and rising expectations that seem to evolve at an astonishing rate. This article looks at the strategies required to deliver outstanding IT services in this rapidly evolving world.
Every year, runs a quick, one-question poll to understand the “ITSM help” readers would like in the year ahead. Please help by taking this years poll to tell us which topics will be important to you in the year ahead.
We’re running another and more detailed AI-focused survey. Because, to get AI adoption right, many IT organizations still need greater granularity as to where they should be focusing, with AI-based statistics a helpful aid in understanding where the IT industry is, what other organizations are doing, and the potential AI adoption pitfalls that need to be avoided.
In the summer of 2023, ran a short survey to better understand the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in IT service management (ITSM). This article presents the survey findings.
This Solution Snapshot is an in-depth review of Provance ServiceTeam ITSM Enterprise 2.0. The review includes solution functionality, solution technology, pricing and implementation, go-to-market strategy, and key customers.
Is your service desk a victim of repetitive questions? How much time would be freed up to handle more pressing issues if automation answered these simple requests immediately? Enter Chatbots.