This is our Transparency Statement

At our mission is to help IT professionals – wherever they are in the world – by providing useful ITSM tool reviews, articles, best practice content, and industry news. In addition, we also work to assist ITSM tool vendors, and their partners, to better market their capabilities to the ITSM community.

In supporting this mission, is committed to transparency. We want readers and partners to understand how we’re funded and, more importantly, who is doing the funding. As such, we provide a public list detailing each of our vendor partner and client relationships. This can be found below and also includes the clients of Quick Content Limited, the parent company of

The word client denotes a paid relationship for any services purchased within the last 36 months. Services may include:

Marketing Services
Design Services
Content Services
Public Speaking
Advisory & Consultancy
Report Licensing

Got Questions?

If you'd like to know more about our service offerings please get in touch.

The word partner denotes a non-paid relationship. We do not charge vendors to share their industry news, participate in reviews (option to license post publication only), or publish their content on our website. Vendors are subject to the same editorial guidelines as any other individuals. These can be found here.

This transparency statement will be updated regularly, and we appreciate your feedback in helping us to make it more helpful to both IT professionals and vendor partners and clients. Please send any feedback related to our transparency statement to [email protected] or use our contact form.

This transparency statement was last updated on 17th June 2020.