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IT Service Management and Successful Software Deployments

Read how integrating software deployments with ITSM enhances the efficiency and reliability of software delivery. Where ITSM best practice frameworks, such as ITIL, provide structured approaches to managing IT services, focusing on aligning IT processes and services with business objectives.
Independent IT service management (ITSM) tool certification is a valuable tool-selection input for any organization looking to procure a new ITSM tool. So, if you’re looking for an introduction to the PeopleCert ITIL-Accredited Tool Vendors (ATV) programme, this article is for you.
Problem management is too often misunderstood – ranging from the confusion between incidents and problems to the use of problem management techniques in the wake of a major incident. Here, Sophie Danby shares tips to help.
From not overlooking self service options for service requests, to providing training, to categorizing service requests on receipt, this article shares 20 service request management tips for success.
ITIL documentation can take many forms. This article shares some examples, along with five ways it can boost ITSM success.
This article shares the results of our 2024 content poll, insights into how ITSM trends have changed, trend-related opinions, and links to existing content that might still be helpful.
To measure, document, and report IT service availability in ways that will be helpful to your organization and your customers you need to do two things…
What is ITSM? Why is ITSM important? What are ITSM’s benefits? And what are ITSM’s “quick wins”? Find out more with our comprehensive overview.
This article has been written to offer you as much insight as possible into ITIL 4 in a short time. From what it is to the key elements that comprise the latest ITIL 4 service management best practice guidance.
Here Akshay Anand – Lead Architect for the ITIL update – gives the lowdown on the new ITIL 4, including the new service value system, the ‘four dimensions’, the updated guiding principles (originally found in ITIL Practitioner), and the change of processes to practices.
Every year, runs a quick, one-question poll to understand the “ITSM help” readers would like in the year ahead. Please help by taking this years poll to tell us which topics will be important to you in the year ahead.
The Four Dimensions of Service Management were introduced in ITIL 4, with the perspectives collectively crucial to understanding service value creation for stakeholders, including customers. This article explains how.
The ITIL guiding principles were first introduced in 2016’s ITIL Practitioner guidance. ITIL 4 refined these to seven guiding principles and this article shares what they are and how they help with ITSM.
A lot changed in ITIL 4. Not only the move from ITSM processes to service management practices, but also the latter are described. This article shares all of ITIL 4’s 34 management practices and their purposes.
Kotter’s 8-step Model provides a comprehensive approach to change management and has been widely adopted globally. This article explains the model and how it helps with change management and enablement.