About Us Who we are & what we do?

ITSM.tools is an ITSM-focused website and service offering independent industry analysis, advisory, content, and consultancy. Content ranges from ITSM tool reviews, blogs, and industry news, to ITSM and ITIL tips and best practices.

The ITSM.tools Business Model

Different analyst firms and websites have different business models. Some offer its content freely, but charge vendor clients upfront to be included in ITSM tool reviews and reports. Others have subscription-paying clients with its content behind paywalls. ITSM.tools takes a different approach.

Firstly, our vendor tool reviews and reports are not pay-to-play. Vendor clients have the opportunity to purchase the licensing rights to any report, but only once it has been written and published on our site. In addition, vendor clients can purchase our services to create their own branded marketing content – whether this be blogs, white papers, eBooks, webinars, case studies, or other. Vendors do not have to pay to publish their own content on our website. Fees are only invoked if they would like one of our team to create bespoke content for them.

Secondly, IT professionals have free access to all the content that we, and our partners, create and post here. There is no paywall, nor do readers have to supply their personal details to access or download our content. An optional no-cost subscription to our mailing list is available should anyone wish to receive additional resources, news, and content.

We openly invite vendors, consultants, and IT professionals to volunteer useful and interesting content for our website. Submissions are free of charge, however we reserve the right to decline any content that does not adhere to our editorial guidelines. If you would like to submit your content for consideration, please email us at [email protected] or use our contact form.

The Team


Stephen Mann

Principal and Content Director at the ITSM-focused industry analyst firm ITSM.tools. Also an independent IT and IT service management marketing content creator, and a frequent blogger, writer, and presenter on the challenges and opportunities for IT service management professionals.

Previously held positions in IT research and analysis (at IT industry analyst firms Ovum and Forrester and the UK Post Office), IT service management consultancy, enterprise IT service desk and IT service management, IT asset management, innovation, and creative facilitation, project management, finance consultancy, internal audit, and product marketing for a SaaS IT service management technology vendor.


Sophie Danby

Sophie is a freelance ITSM marketing consultant, helping ITSM solution vendors to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. She covers both traditional areas of marketing (such as advertising, trade shows, and events) and digital marketing (such as video, social media, and email marketing). She is also a trained editor.

In addition, she is an Associate Marketing Consultant at ITSM.tools.


Maurice Hason

Maurice is a strategic, multidisciplinary designer and creative director with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. With a vast skill set, he combines over 25 years of hands-on knowledge and experience in interactive design, UX, brand identity and print, to deliver the best creative solutions.

In addition, he is an Associate Designer at ITSM.tools.