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AI Adoption in ITSM – Some Key Points

In a recent webinar with SymphonyAI, I spoke about what our data is showing us regarding the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in IT service management (ITSM). This article shares some of the discussed points.
After a couple of days at the Service Desk and IT Support Show (SITS) in April, I came away with lots of IT service management (ITSM) learnings. Following on from my initial blog on the things I’ve taken away from SITS written for i3Works, here are some more shared ITSM learnings
Here’s the uncomfortable truth – many IT managers still struggle to recognize the signs of declining mental health in their teams. Check out this article to see how you can recognize the big 4 mental health issues.
This article provides top tips on how to get the best out of the Service Desk and IT Support Show – the free-to-attend event with a large exhibition area, free education sessions, and networking opportunities.
What IT service management (ITSM) trends and developments will we see in 2024? And how will these impact the way you work? Many factors affect service management, but these are the ones TOPdesk anticipates will have the most impact.
This article shares the results of our latest well-being in IT survey, including how 82% of respondents think working in IT will get harder over the next three years. Read the full results here.
This article considers the technology an IT service desk team uses to provide support and assistance to end-users. Read it here.
Problem management is too often misunderstood – ranging from the confusion between incidents and problems to the use of problem management techniques in the wake of a major incident. Here, Sophie Danby shares tips to help.
From not overlooking self service options for service requests, to providing training, to categorizing service requests on receipt, this article shares 20 service request management tips for success.
ITIL documentation can take many forms. This article shares some examples, along with five ways it can boost ITSM success.
This article provides seven steps to follow to help you to identify and define the right processes for your IT service desk.
Are you looking for a new IT service management (ITSM) tool? If so, do you know what your options are? Here we provide an overview of 42 ITSM tools to suit organizations of all different sizes and ITSM maturity.
To measure, document, and report IT service availability in ways that will be helpful to your organization and your customers you need to do two things…
What is ITSM? Why is ITSM important? What are ITSM’s benefits? And what are ITSM’s “quick wins”? Find out more with our comprehensive overview.
Yes you should aim to solve tickets as quickly as possible, but there’s more to it than that. Meeting an SLA doesn’t guarantee that the customer is happy. You need to put the emphasis on customer experience. You need XLAs, and here’s why.