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ITIL 4 Explained

Here Akshay Anand – Lead Architect for the ITIL update – gives the lowdown on the new ITIL 4, including the new service value system, the ‘four dimensions’, the updated guiding principles (originally found in ITIL Practitioner), and the change of processes to practices.
IT teams continue to face an onslaught and multitude of challenges and rising expectations that seem to evolve at an astonishing rate. This article looks at the strategies required to deliver outstanding IT services in this rapidly evolving world.
This article is the first in a series that looks at the key elements of setting up an IT service desk. Check it out here.
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This article delves into 10 common mistakes companies can make when choosing the right phone provider and provides you with actionable strategies to steer clear of these pitfalls.
This Solution Snapshot is an in-depth review of Provance ServiceTeam ITSM Enterprise 2.0. The review includes solution functionality, solution technology, pricing and implementation, go-to-market strategy, and key customers.
This comprehensive article introduces ITSM professionals to the practical aspects of IT Service Mapping, starting with a clear definition and purpose of IT Service Mapping and its relationship with ITSM.
As to why IT service desks need metrics and benchmarks, the answer will depend on whom you ask. You don’t always get the right answer either. To help, this article looks at the potential power of, and issues with, IT service desk metrics and benchmarks.
This article explains how application security is becoming an important part of ITSM practice, common technologies and tools, and best practices that can help you enhance security for your organization’s application portfolio.
This article explains that there likely aren’t just two or three KPIs your IT service desk needs, that IT service desk metric portfolios can be problematic, and how your IT service desk can move its focus to what’s most valuable.
Avoid the perils of creating a lengthy request for proposal (RFP) spreadsheet as the primary mechanism for your ITSM tool shortlisting exercise, and instead use this alternative method.
Kotter’s 8-step Model provides a comprehensive approach to change management and has been widely adopted globally. This article explains the model and how it helps with change management and enablement.
Digital minimalism isn’t just a trend, it’s a practice that can significantly streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and, importantly, contribute to sustainability. This article explains.
Most negative service experiences are due to slowness and tickets not being completed at all – service failure. But what causes slow and failed service? This article explains the three specific causes and how to fix them.
Here we look at where incident management stops and problem management begins, and the difference between the two – with help from Batman and Columbo.