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AIOps: Getting Ready for The Next Wave Of ITSM

AI and machine-learning, once obscure academic subjects, are now the talk of dinner tables and cocktail parties. But how can the new technologies and techniques of AIOps extend and integrate with established ITSM foundations to help prepare organisations for the future of IT? This article explores.

Adopting ITIL: The Process Edition

We must stop treating the processes in ITIL as discrete units, where "paint-by-numbers" is a viable approach, says Kaimar Karu. Remember: it's not about processes, it's about value and services, and the “how” of every process or concept matters only when the “why” is first successfully addressed.

Is IT Part of the Business or Just a Supplier?

IT is a critical business function, with any significant outage a disaster – exactly why the CIO should have a seat on the Board. So why does the question of whether IT is part of the business or a supplier persist? Is IT the victim of an injustice or maybe just super-bad at PR? Let's take a look.

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Service Desk Articles

3 Tips for Managing Multiple Personalities on the IT Service Desk
One of the most important aspects of being an IT Service Desk Manager is understanding the personalities of your team members. After all, if you don’t know what makes them tick, what motivates them, or what’s important to them, then...
How to Make Your Help Desk a Service Desk Profit Center
How can you move your help desk from being a cost center to a profit center, aligning it with the business outcomes that C-level execs value most highly? Let's see...
The Current Status and Perspectives of the IT Service Desk
This article looks at the work taking place at the University of Oviedo, to understand the current situation and possibilities for improving the IT service desk function within IT service teams, and to identify opportunities for service management improvement.

ITSM Articles

ITSM Statistics - Does IT Know the Business?
Here you'll find our latest survey results related to ITSM pros and their business knowledge and focus – with the responses showing both positive and negative aspects of modern-day IT service delivery and support. Read on for analysis covering the...
Check Out These 20 Unsung ITSM “Social Influencers”
Here we highlight some of the unsung ITSM social media heroes; who should be followed for their Twitter sharing, blogging, or both. This is our list of 20 people who should make ITSM “Top Social Influencer” lists but often don’t!
20 Tips for Creating Your ITSM Future
Seven ITSM influencers share their advice on creating your ITSM future: including how the changing landscape demands new approaches, and what you should be considering now (and later) with regards to chatbots and machine learning.