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AI in IT – So Many Questions Still Need Answering, So Please Help

We’re running another and more detailed AI-focused survey. Because, to get AI adoption right, many IT organizations still need greater granularity as to where they should be focusing, with AI-based statistics a helpful aid in understanding where the IT industry is, what other organizations are doing, and the potential AI adoption pitfalls that need to be avoided.
In the summer of 2023, ran a short survey to better understand the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) adoption in IT service management (ITSM). This article presents the survey findings.
This Solution Snapshot is an in-depth review of Provance ServiceTeam ITSM Enterprise 2.0. The review includes solution functionality, solution technology, pricing and implementation, go-to-market strategy, and key customers.
A capable IT team’s efficiency can increase employee morale, boost employee mental health, aid businesses in customer retention, and even expedite the onboarding process for new employees – all of which mean good things for your business’ profit margins.
The ITIL guiding principles were first introduced in 2016’s ITIL Practitioner guidance. ITIL 4 refined these to seven guiding principles and this article shares what they are and how they help with ITSM.
This comprehensive article introduces ITSM professionals to the practical aspects of IT Service Mapping, starting with a clear definition and purpose of IT Service Mapping and its relationship with ITSM.
When I heard that Dutch people rarely use the word “sorry,” I realized that much of its use in customer service and IT support scenarios might mean little to the recipient. This article offers related IT support learnings.
There are many available IT service management (ITSM benefits), but as with any benefits, an organization’s ability to reap them will depend on how well they adopt ITSM best practices. This article shares the types of benefits your organization could reap from ITSM.
This article explains how application security is becoming an important part of ITSM practice, common technologies and tools, and best practices that can help you enhance security for your organization’s application portfolio.
This article explains that there likely aren’t just two or three KPIs your IT service desk needs, that IT service desk metric portfolios can be problematic, and how your IT service desk can move its focus to what’s most valuable.
“ITSM quick wins” are considered “quick” because they don’t need long-term planning, and “wins” because they result in a positive outcome or a step toward achieving a bigger goal. This article shares some examples of ITSM quick wins.
What makes a security incident process successful? How can teams respond more efficiently? Why are changes like cloud migrations making this harder? This article explores and aims to help.
Avoid the perils of creating a lengthy request for proposal (RFP) spreadsheet as the primary mechanism for your ITSM tool shortlisting exercise, and instead use this alternative method.
This article provides an in-depth understanding of cloud migrations, their significance in the modern IT operations landscape, what can go wrong in cloud migration, and how ITSM professionals can help.
Kotter’s 8-step Model provides a comprehensive approach to change management and has been widely adopted globally. This article explains the model and how it helps with change management and enablement.