Coronavirus Articles

Which eight things should your IT service desk be focused on, to be better in the “new normal,” across the rest of 2020 and into 2021? Here Liliana Gary explores.
Working from home can be great but it isn’t always easy. So, has the COVID-19 crisis affected your wellbeing? Please help us find out where the industry is right now by taking 1-2 minutes to answer our latest Wellbeing in IT survey.
This article looks at how work-life has changed for the now homeworking employees and how this has potentially impacted their mental wellbeing – featuring a real end-user example of Claire – a Project Manager.
Research has shown that demand for modern, agile service management tools is greater than ever. This article by Patrick Bolger explains how IT groups with a strong digital strategy – who are acting now – will help the service management tools market to fly.
What will the “new normal” mean for ITSM? Will it be more or less relevant? Can the ITSM frameworks and methodologies help us adjust, or will it hinder us from achieving credibility with our customers? How will working remotely affect our relationships with our suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders? Here, John Custy explores.
In this article, industry authority Barclay Rae shares some practical activities that organizations – including yours – can take to plan for ITSM’s post-COVID-19 future across three key areas of: governance, data and analytics, and social continuity.
The COVID-19 crisis has reinforced the need for remote support and the operation of a remote IT help desk. This article explains how the introduction of a remote IT help desk can be achieved – transforming IT support personnel who are acting independently into a cohesive – and more efficient and effective – IT support capability.
This article takes a look at some of the technology-based aspects of working from home from the end-user perspective. With the basis of the article formed around the home-working experiences of Claire, a project manager, who like many suddenly became a “forced” homeworker.
This article looks at a UK-based initiative called Bytes for Heroes – providing thousands of meals to staff in NHS hospitals in cities across the UK – and how IT professionals can help with either funds, time, expertise, recruitment, networking, or anything else!
IT leaders must capitalize upon the newfound trust and credibility they’ve gained as a result of their response to the COVID-19 crisis. If there’s a small positive which can be taken from this global pandemic, it’s that new relationships have been formed. In this article, we look at what IT leaders can do to increase the chances of this new closer relationship actually lasting.
In this article, Sami Kallio shares what HappySignals data tells us about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on ITSM. For example, how are employees handling the new situation? Are they able to work? And what does IT support need to do differently?
In difficult times, while there needs to be attention on the firefighting at hand, it’s also good to look to the future. So, in this article we asked 36 people from all walks of ITSM to share their thoughts and opinions on how COVID-19 is going to impact the future of ITSM.
In IT/technology, we’ve seen the world change and be turned upside down in just 3-4 weeks. Now COVID-19 is making a “new normal” (and not just for ITSM), but what changes can we expect long-term for the ITSM industry? And what impact will this pandemic have on IT operations? Here Barclay Rae shares his views.
The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a significant change to our patterns, both at work and from a personal perspective. Some people are finding themselves out of work, furloughed temporarily, or with an uncertain future due to the economic impact. Here Matthew Burrows explores its impact on on IT staffing in particular.
The business economic impact of COVID-19 is likely going to change almost every organization for at least the next 2-3 years. In this article, John Custy proposes eight ways that we can expect to see long-term changes to the world of ITSM after the pandemic.