ITSM Articles

In this article, industry authority Barclay Rae shares some practical activities that organizations – including yours – can take to plan for ITSM’s post-COVID-19 future across three key areas of: governance, data and analytics, and social continuity.
ITSM practitioners, practices, and tools should be considered important guardrails to add to any cloud adoption project. And there are no excuses for an ungoverned cloud. This article explains the importance of ITSM guardrails for cloud governance and lists several key tools and practices to put those guardrails on the cloud.
Choosing a new ITSM tool is a time-consuming and costly activity, after all selecting the wrong tool will inevitably cause our organization significant issues. To help, this article examines the ten key characteristics of a good tool selection process and highlight some of the pitfalls you’re likely to encounter along the way.
This article looks at the current state of ITSM tools and their capabilities/use cases. Proposing new names for ITSM tools along the way. Before finally making a judgment call on the new name for ITSM tools. What do you think? Does your organization still want an ITSM tool or would a different name be better?
IT leaders must capitalize upon the newfound trust and credibility they’ve gained as a result of their response to the COVID-19 crisis. If there’s a small positive which can be taken from this global pandemic, it’s that new relationships have been formed. In this article, we look at what IT leaders can do to increase the chances of this new closer relationship actually lasting.
In IT/technology, we’ve seen the world change and be turned upside down in just 3-4 weeks. Now COVID-19 is making a “new normal” (and not just for ITSM), but what changes can we expect long-term for the ITSM industry? And what impact will this pandemic have on IT operations? Here Barclay Rae shares his views.