What Do You Love Most About Working in IT?

Love About Working in IT

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I asked a number of people working in IT and  IT service management (ITSM) roles what they love most about working in IT. As you’d expect, we’re all driven by different things. But I’m sure that few of us work in IT (and ITSM) simply to pay the rent/mortgage. After all, there are probably many easier ways to earn a living that don’t involve the pressures of major incidents or the endless stream of issues to the IT service desk.

The responses also confirmed what I already knew about the people I know in the ITSM community – that we share a need to help others and often a good sense of humor. With the latter probably another reason why we love working in IT. 

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked a number of people working in IT and #ITSM roles what they love most about working in IT. What do YOU love most? #Valentines Click To Tweet

To help, I’ve also tried to organize the many responses into some semblance of grouping. Hopefully, this article will be both a fun and educational read that perhaps reinforces the reason(s) why you also love working in IT (or perhaps don’t).

The People

The community. – Breed Barrett, Practice Manager at Karenferris.com

Came for the money, stayed for the people who share my dislike of other people. – Aprill Allen, Knowledge Management Consultant at KnowledgeBird

First of all the people. Then I love that the ideas and solutions are endless. Finding the best solution today and then outdoing yourself tomorrow feels good. Then suddenly someone comes up with a better idea and you’re simply amazed by it. Then both of you work together to make this BEST idea be better. – Roxy Dallinger, part of the IT Service Desk team at Doka GmbH Austria

The Constant Change

I’m not really interested in technology, but I like the sense of constant change and the need for creativity. Also the people. – Barclay Rae, Consultant and Author at Barclay Rae Consulting

IT’s always played such a big part in changing the world – that’s what’s kept me interested. Plus, as a practitioner, things don’t stay the same for too long so the interest remains piqued. – Alan Rodger, Analyst and Consultant at Freelance

The Learning

The learning is incessant. – Roy Atkinson, CEO and Writer at Clifton Butterfield, LCC

The constant learning is the best part… and the process/journey of trying to figure out what the future will look like. (The people are pretty awesome too). – Courtney Bartlett Posch, ITSM Product Management at ServiceNow

The possibility to learn, do different things, and different projects. Being able to use all the knowledge that you have learned earlier. – Paula Määttänen, Senior Solutions Architect at TietoEVRY

The constant opportunity to learn because things are always changing. – Emma Lander, ICT Project Analyst at Devon and Cornwall Police

Never-ending possibilities to innovate and learn. Ability to work with the latest and greatest technology and minds. Complex problem-solving, making people’s life easier. Never boring basically! Elina Pirjanti, Principal Success Architect at ServiceNow

The people, the constant change, and the learning… just some of the reasons people listed as to why they love working in #ITSM. Get the full list here. Click To Tweet

The Opportunity to Solve Problems

For me, it’s always been about the satisfaction of solving problems. Earlier in my career that would’ve been the satisfaction of solving technical issues. As my career has evolved, that’s become the satisfaction of overcoming operational challenges, improving workplace culture, and encouraging continual improvement through the use of technology. That bug of solving technical issues is still there though. – Jamie Bell, Founder at KnowledgeAdd Ltd.

I’ve never thought that I work in IT. I work in and with lots of organizations in various different industries and sectors, who all happen to have a significant dependency on technology. What I enjoy on a personal level is solving problems and helping others achieve outcomes they need to get to – if I can help, I will, but if I can’t then I direct them to someone who can. At the end of the day it’s still a people business, no matter how clever we are with the technology, and it’s the people bit I enjoy – interacting with, and helping them. – Matthew Burrows, Managing Director at BSM Impact

I see my role primarily as a problem solver and that can be very satisfying. – Dave Churchley, Data Integration Analyst at Newcastle University

Solving problems, breaking the perceived barriers between ‘the business’ and IT, and witnessing (and being a part of) the sheer pace at which technology is developing. I’m sure you’ll agree that we’re always learning, and there’s always something to learn about, and I often marvel at what we can achieve when we dare to be bold and build a vision! The world of IT or Enterprise Tech allows us to do that. – Amal Lad, ServiceNow and ESM Sales Lead, UK at Capgemini

The Varied Challenges

When I used to interview people for my MSP, I would present them with this scenario: I have two projects for you. One will take you about six months, you’ll learn a lot of stuff, it’ll be rewarding and impactful. The second is for the next six months you’ll have something different to do every day. It’ll be exciting and high impact. In the support environment, I was looking for someone who preferred the second scenario. That said IT offers you both of those and more. You have long projects with lots of learning, and you have the excitement of daily challenges and change. – Alan Berkson, Global Director of Community Outreach at Freshworks

For every case opened there is a new challenge, a new success. People who are in IT, love keeping attention to little details. – Walid Kthiri, CSC OOH Leader and MOD at HP.

When we asked what people love most about working in IT, the answers were varied. But most of them can firmly be placed in the 'making a difference/helping others' categories. Does that resonate with YOU? #ITSM #Valentines Click To Tweet

Making a Difference/Helping Others

Making a difference. During my time in Higher Education it was about improving, teaching, learning, and research – increasing access and supporting widening participation. Since joining NHS Digital I can see that the services we deliver and operate are at the forefront of supporting the NHS in the fight against COVID-19. It’s incredibly inspiring and motivating. – Sally Bogg, Head of Live Services at NHS Digital

Helping people. – Damian Bowen, Director of Support Services at acrinax

Fifty years of helping managers use technology to make their life simpler for themselves, their staff, their customers and, sometimes, the community the organization serves. Constant learning and unlearning opportunities that forces us as a tech community to mentor each other while performing roles with others. – Daniel Breston, Coach and Writer at Daniel Breston Ltd.

Sense of accomplishment, ongoing learning needed to continually change and develop/design, release, deploy, and serve the people who we help every day. And the meaningful thank you from the person you helped. – John Custy, ITSM Consultant at JCP Group

Working in an industry that is changing the world and human behavior, and the chance to help IT organizations, teams, and individuals continually learn and adapt, in a cultural setting in which being grumpy and pointing your finger gets rewarded with awards. – Paul Wilkinson, Business Development Director at GamingWorks

Achieving real things, which is why sectors like government and manufacturing have also always appealed to me more than financial services. – James Finister, Practice Partner, Tata Consultancy Services

I don’t work in IT. I work for an organization delivering products and services to deliver outcomes that people rely upon. For me, it’s not about the problem-solving. It’s not about reducing the number of incidents. It’s not about rolling out or supporting endpoint devices, network devices, or the latest version of software. It’s about designing and delivering services that deliver outcomes and experiences that people rely upon. – Ian Robinson, IT Service Manager at UK Government

Being part of innovation that generally makes a difference to business and people. And I loved the early days running around helping colleagues avoid issues and therefore having a better day at work. – Adam Haylock, Senior Solutions Consultant at ServiceNow

When asked I’ve always said that my personal “meaning of life” statement is to leave the world a better place when I go than it would have been without me. Net positive change. Not everyone gets to be a president, a Nobel prize winner, or a noted artist but small wins aggregate to a big one. IT lets me tick that box AND also enable other people, groups, companies, etc. to tick it on a larger scale. Solving their problems, enabling them to do more and making everyone involved a little bit happier/less angry. IT is a huge force multiplier for positive change, basically – be the change. IT is also like Lego but on a grander stage; never a boring moment and always something else to do and something to learn. I’m getting paid to have fun doing the thing I love, what’s not to like? – Darren Houldcroft, Solution Architect at Fusion Global Business Solutions

Ok, so I’m retired from active service and was never a techie despite everyone’s endeavors. What I really loved was teaching so many fabulous people who did work in IT – 99% of whom were techies. Almost without exception everyone I met just wanted to do their best to help colleagues and customers with the technology and to make all interactions pleasant, constructive, and not something to be dreaded. – Jo Johns, Writer at Freelance

I’ve got two main different aspects to my role; I’m still active in helping out end users with incidents and requests, and the feedback we (as a team) receive for those is always gratifying to receive (especially with the current hybrid home-working model and the challenges that’s brought). The other part of my role that I love is continual improvement – bringing online improvements in processes and services via our service management tool. It’s like having a new toy to play with frequently. I love both being able to tinker with processes, procedures, and the tools that enable them and seeing the results of those changes having a positive impact. – Stuart Millard, IS Service Delivery Manager at Housing21

Improving Things at an Industry Level

Because there is so much room for it to be better. – Rob England, Managing Director at Teal Unicorn

Working with the Technology

Coding. – Rod Weir, Owner at PRD Software

It Pays Well!

It pays me enough that I don’t have to worry about the bills and when I retire I’ll be comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do, but I remain conscious that I do it because it’s the least objectionable way to make money. I know motivational theory will tell you that money isn’t why we do our jobs, I think they always miss the key point. The pay has to be good enough to get you through the door in the first place before other motivational factors can come into play. – Gareth Davies, Technical Service Improvement Associate Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

Of course, none of these areas are mutually exclusive and I’m sure some of the contributors, on reading this, will also think “Oh, I wish I’d said that too.” So, what’s your view? What do you love most about working in IT? Please let me know in the comments.

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