What Kind of IT Organization Do You Work in?

What Kind of IT Organization?

How did your IT organization, group, or department fare during the global pandemic? Patrick Bolger’s research identified three distinct groups in terms of performance – where does yours fit?

Collaboration. Bingo!


Collaboration. It’s the latest people-related, industry buzzword-bingo word, triggered by another hot topic buzzword, value streams, which imply end-to-end working. But how does your organization get better at collaboration?

Did I Really Learn ITIL from My Grandmother?

Learn ITIL

Here, Ivor Macfarlane takes a nostalgic and very accurate view of ITIL’s seven guiding principles. When it comes to behavior the important ideas that underpin it really haven’t changed much in the last 100 years. Intrigued? Read on.

Knowing the Signs of Potentially Bad ITSM Advice

Bad ITSM Advice

Here Stephen Mann dives into 9 all-too-common signs of bad ITSM advice – signs that suggest the author or the company they’re representing don’t know as much as think they do. So please, read this through and remember to watch out for these signs next time you read an ITSM article.

Building an IT Demand Management Center

IT Demand Management Center

Demand management is a critical ITSM capability that’s often done in an ad hoc way. However, organizations should instead approach demand management proactively – to help, this article explains some of the “how.”

6 Steps for Getting Work Done in IT

Getting Work Done in IT

There are some constant truths or guiding principles that every IT leader must recognize in managing inbound work and getting ‘stuff’ done says Steve Morgan. Here he shares 6.

The Win(d)s of Change Management – Part 1

Change Management

This is the first in a three-part series of ITSM articles about the new thinking in change management that offers a practical and pragmatic approach to managing change in the new business and IT worlds.