AI and ITSM: Where are We?


Let’s find out more about AI and ITSM. There’s currently a lot of interest in artificial intelligence (AI) use cases for IT service management (ITSM), but how much AI adoption has there been in ITSM to date? We last looked at this separately in 2021 and published this Current State of AI Adoption in ITSM article based on the feedback. Some of the results are reshared at the end of this article, but we’re hoping that you’ll help us to bring these AI and ITSM data points up to date by answering this short, anonymous, three-question AI and ITSM poll. It should only take 1-2 minutes.

How much AI adoption has there been in ITSM to date? Can you help @ITSM_tools get a better idea by answering this quick 1 minute survey? #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ServiceDesk #ITSM Share on X

If you haven’t clicked on the button yet (update: the poll is now closed), the three AI and ITSM questions are:

  1. Has your ITSM tool vendor added intelligent automation (AI-based capabilities) to its solution?
  2. How has your organization adopted the following types of intelligent automation? (Please select all that apply)
  3. What do you see as the biggest barriers to an organization’s success with intelligent automation? (Please select all that apply)

So, nothing too tricky, and the AI and ITSM poll results will be valuable to the ITSM community and the future adoption of AI capabilities.

The 2021 AI and ITSM poll results

So you can see what comes from the short ITSM polls we run at, here’s what the 2021 AI and ITSM poll found:

  • 20% of the tools being used by the survey respondents didn’t offer AI-enabled ITSM capabilities
  • Chatbots were the most popular form of “AI and ITSM” use case used in multiple business functions (27.7%)
  • In terms of IT-only use cases, intelligent workflow automation was top (29.2%), followed by smart automation (20%) – however, this could have included the use of intelligent workflow automation that employs logic rules rather than machine learning
  • Intelligent workflow automation was also the overall most adopted AI use case at 50.5% of organizations, still with the above caveat
  • Lack of skilled people was the most common challenge with AI adoption in ITSM (53.8%), higher than both competing priorities for resources and additional costs
Has your ITSM tool vendor added intelligent automation (AI-based capabilities) to its solution? Please answer in this quick poll. #ITSM #AI #ServiceDesk #ArtificialIntelligence Share on X

The full AI and ITSM poll article can be read here: The Current State of AI Adoption in ITSM

Finally, thank you for taking the AI and ITSM poll. We appreciate your readership and your help with polls such as this.

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