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Don’t Overlook Chat in All the Chatbot Chatter

There’s lots of talk about the potential of chatbots but human-to-human chat could, and should, also be playing a bigger part. Here’s why.
The ability for IT end users to self-serve, or self-help, continues to advance, but what do we REALLY need from a self-service portal?
Chat for IT support is still a minority access and communication channel, but it should be doing so much better. Please read on to find out why.
Automation isn’t at a point where you can replace your staff with a bot. However, you should be thinking about the coming day when you can.
The self-service approach to customer service has gone too far. Can we shift the burden onto an Artificial Intelligence system instead?
IT automation is the cornerstone of successful ITSM. But is still considered by many as difficult to implement and costly. How can you avoid these pitfalls?