ITSM Trends for 2024 – What Our Latest Industry Poll Says

ITSM Trends for 2024

Let’s consider what the ITSM trends for 2024 are. Every year, we seek out the key IT service management (ITSM) trends for the upcoming year. At the end of 2023, we asked readers to share the key ITSM topic areas they would like content-related help with in 2024.

While content-focused, we still think the poll results reflect “the hottest ITSM trends for 2024.” This article shares the results of our 2024 content poll, insights into how ITSM trends have changed, trend-related opinions, and links to existing content that might still be helpful.

This @ITSM_tools article shares the results of it 2024 content poll, insights into how #ITSM trends have changed, trend-related opinions, & links to existing content that might still be helpful. #servicedesk Share on X

How the poll works made an anonymous ITSM trends poll available in late 2023. The survey respondents were asked to choose their five most important ITSM trends for 2024 (in the context of needing helpful ITSM content) from 25 options. The Other option was a free-form catchall.

Now, we are sharing the ITSM trends for 2024 poll results not to tell you where to focus your IT organization’s attention in 2024 but to offer insight into where the ITSM community currently is. Of course, the poll data could be used as a sense check for your 2024 ITSM improvement plans (as you seek to continuously improve your support of business functions).

The 2024 ITSM content poll results at a glance

Here’s a quick snapshot of the 2024 ITSM trends poll (just in case that’s all you came to read about):

ITSM Trends

The top five ITSM trends for 2024 are:

  1. Artificial intelligence/machine learning (44%)
  2. Value demonstration (32%)
  3. Automation (28%)
  4. Enterprise service management (28%)
  5. Service integration and management (27%)

Versus the top ITSM trends for 2023:

  1. Value demonstration
  2. People
  3. Enterprise service management
  4. Advanced ITSM
  5. Artificial intelligence/machine learning
Artificial intelligence & machine learning jump from the 5th spot to the top spot of #ITSM trends that IT pros would like most help with in 2024. #AI #machinelearning Share on X

A comparison of the ITSM trend for 2024 and the 2023 ITSM trends top-five lists shows that:

  • AI has rocketed to the top of the table for 2024 (now at 44%, up from 28% in 2023). A logical reason is that people are now seeking a new type of AI-related content – help in “using AI in anger” as they appreciate how difficult the production implementation of AI capabilities is.
  • Value demonstration, while dipping from first to second, is still important in the ITSM trends for 2024. The percentage move is from 35% to 32%. This is about so much more than teh IT and corporate bottom line.
  • Automation has reappeared in the top five (up from 24% in 2023), likely because of AI-driven automation capabilities and the need for organizations to deliver operational efficiencies.
  • Enterprise service management has held at number three (only dropping from 29% to 28%).
  • Service integration and management has entered the top five, rising from 21% to 27% (it was at 26% in 2022). The reasons for this resurgence are unknown without further analysis.
  • People has dropped from 30% to 23% and out of the top five.
  • “Advanced” ITSM has dropped from 28% to 24%, taking it out of the top five. However, ITIL/ITSM “advanced” capabilities has jumped from 22% to 24%. When “duplicates” are removed, 40% of survey respondents voted for the two potentially related options. This is a sign that people want to do more in ITSM terms.
Value demonstration, while dipping from first to second, is still important in the #ITSM trends for 2024. The percentage move is from 35% to 32%. See more here. #servicedesk Share on X

It’s also worth mentioning that employee experience management (23%) and digital experience management (17%), while technically different “disciplines,” have the same aim and were collectively voted for by 33% of survey respondents. This would have placed “the management of employee or user experiences” in second place in the ITSM trends for 2024 (or third place if the “advanced ITSM” options are combined).

Collectively employee experience mgmt & DEX were voted for by 33% of survey respondents, which would have placed 'the management of employee experiences' in 2nd place in #ITSM trends for 2024. Find out more here. Share on X

The diagram below shows a wider timeframe for the year-on-year changes in ITSM trends.

ITSM Trends

While the ITSM trends for 2024 poll was to identify the helpful content readers need for 2024, the results also allow to resurface some existing ITSM-related content that might help:

1 – Artificial intelligence/machine learning

2 – Value demonstration

3 – Automation

There were no automation-focused articles published in 2023. However, automation was still being written about in 2022.

Hopefully, the ITSM trends for 2024 results will inspire more automation-focused content.

3 – Enterprise service management

Besides the BMC event article that covers enterprise service management, nothing new was written on enterprise service management in 2023 except an Enterprise Service Management Explained article. However, some older enterprise service management articles were refreshed to reflect their ongoing popularity.

5 – Service integration and management

As with automation, service integration and management is new to the ITSM trends for 2024 trend list. But, unlike automation, it has never been in the top six ITSM trends, let alone the top five. Consequently, we have nothing written on service integration and management in 2023.

There is, however, a wealth of older service integration and management (SIAM) content, most of which will still be relevant. The articles show, like with enterprise service management, how long the ITSM trends have been around.

ITSM content for the year ahead will again take a readers-first approach to content creation that’s not solely limited to meeting the content demands of ITSM trends. So, please contact us about other ITSM topics where help is needed for 2024. Plus, please submit an article idea if you think you can help readers through helpful new ITSM content.

Finally, thank you for reading our articles in 2023. We hope to make our 2024 ITSM content – whether based on the ITSM trends for 2024 or not – even more helpful.

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