What ITSM Help Will You Need in 2024?

ITSM Help for 2024

Let’s talk about the ITSM help you need. Every year, we run a quick poll to understand the types of IT service management (ITSM) content that ITSM.tools readers like yourself would like to read about in the year ahead. Last year, the poll results were shared in this 5 Hottest ITSM Trends (and Topics) for 2023 article. 

Which #ITSM topics do you need most help with in 2024? Please take our quick one question poll to help us deliver content to assist. Share on X

As 2024 fast approaches, we’re running the one-question “ITSM help” poll again (with the same ITSM topic choices used in 2023). And again, we’d love your help identifying what matters most to ITSM practitioners. Please remember that your answers should be personal – what YOU would like to read in terms of helpful ITSM content, not generic predictions of where others think the ITSM industry will head in 2024.

Please take the quick “ITSM help” poll – your input will assist us in helping you and your peers in 2024. To complete it, just select five of the randomly presented options. As always, there are a few tweaks to the previous year’s topic list, plus there’s the “Other” option to capture any other ITSM-related areas you’d like help with during 2024.

Whether you’re an IT service desk agent, IT manager, ITSM tool vendor employee, ITSM consultant, or ITIL trainer, your “ITSM help” poll submission is critical to ensuring that ITSM.tools’ weekly articles deliver value to all the fantastic people who read them.

2023’s Most-Read “ITSM Help” Content

In addition to the 2024 ITSM help poll responses, we also leverage the data on reads we collect – on the ITSM content we’ve published between 2016-2023 – to help drive the ITSM topics focus for next year.

Check out this list of the top 10 most-read articles published by @ITSM_tools in 2022. #ITSM Share on X

The most-read ITSM articles written and published in 2023 (up to the publication of this article) were:

The most-read “ITSM help” articles of 2023, regardless of publication year (which we show in the brackets), were:

Back to the 2024 Need for Great ITSM Content

Finally, I can’t make a call-out for “ITSM help” topics without also asking for new ITSM content. Anyone and everyone who can write articles containing helpful ITSM knowledge and experiences can submit their ITSM-related content for publication on ITSM.tools. If the articles relate to the top ITSM topics, then great. But we also want content on topics that get insufficient love in the ITSM community.

Please take this 60-second, one-question poll on the #ITSM topics you need help with in 2024. Your input will help us to help you and your peers in the year ahead. Share on X

All we ask of content authors is that what they write and share is helpful to ITSM.tools readers. To help, we operate an editorial process that ensures content is a good use of readers’ valuable time. The content creation guidelines, which include how to submit your ITSM content, are here.

Finally, ITSM.tools – while not carrying advertising – exists and can offer ITSM help through the paid work we receive from clients (that’s published elsewhere). If you’re an ITSM tool vendor or partner and writing customer/prospect-focused ITSM content isn’t your cup of tea (or coffee), we can help. We provide a range of ITSM-content creation, marketing, and design services. You can find an overview of our services here, and please use our online contact form for more information.

Sophie Danby
Sophie Danby

Sophie is a freelance ITSM marketing consultant, helping ITSM solution vendors to develop and implement effective marketing strategies.

She covers both traditional areas of marketing (such as advertising, trade shows, and events) and digital marketing (such as video, social media, and email marketing). She is also a trained editor.

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