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ITIL Service Portfolio Management and Its Benefits Explained

If the goal of your organization is to provide the right IT/business services to your customers, whether internal or external, service portfolio management is a vital step towards meeting governance requirements and delivering value.
In this article we take a look at how the next update to ITIL can learn from the reinvention of the Stars Wars movie franchise.
ITIL, offers a great – and handy – list of definitions of common (and some not-so-common) ITSM terms. But how accurate is its definition of BSM?
A service portfolio solves a significant DevOps problem – it helps both the service provider and the business to understand and agree on the “why.” See how here.
A “problem,” a “problem ticket,” a “problem management process,” an “incident?” Here Matthew Burrows attempts to clear up the confusion between incidents and problems once and for all.
Will the knowledge revolution make IT professionals surplus to requirements? Sollertis CEO, Kevin Baker shares his thoughts on the changing landscape of knowledge management.
“IT professional training is broken.” And one of the reasons we have this situation is our approach to “scoping and evaluating” training. In this article we take a look at why.
As we move into a new paradigm of customer engagement by corporate IT, ITIL is still as relevant now as it has ever been. Here’s why.
Why are organizations not translating excellence in IT management into equally good service? And can ITSM best practices, such as ITIL help remedy this? 
How do you convince senior IT and business leaders that ITSM, and specifically ITIL, are worth the time, effort, and money?
Don’t be fooled – by the cloud tech-talk of instances, databases, code, and APIs – into thinking that cloud is all about technology.
It’s time for a release management reinvention! Here are 10 tips to help improve your organization’s release management process and activities.
ITIL can be tough for people to wrap their heads around. Here, we’ve outlined a few tips to help ITSM practitioners get started with ITIL adoption.
Is it time to make some changes to ITSM training? To remove siloes, with end-to-end service delivery (strategy to design to operations) with CSI thrown in.
Change management continues to be a hot topic for ITSM pros, but we need to focus not just on the tech but on the pace of change within the human psyche.