ITIL Articles

Exploit the Power of Knowledge Sharing for Better IT Support

This article looks at how to succeed with knowledge management, and how knowledge sharing shouldn’t stop at functional or process boundaries.
Stuart Rance discusses the nine guiding principles of ITIL Practitioner and how they fit in with the DevOps way of working.
Karen Brusch discusses the issues so often missed with service design and looks at what can we do to set a good foundation on which to base it.
This article looks at a the case study of how the University of Lincoln has formally linked BRM data with incident capture and reporting.
Better change management is critical to improving technology delivery, but how do you go about achieving it? Here Rebecca Beach shares her experience.
Intelligent disobedience is a concept that can – and should – apply to any aspect of ITSM. And done well it can deliver significant benefits. See more here.
Do your change advisory board (CAB) meetings go on endlessly? Don’t worry, help is at hand with some ideas on how you can help your business succeed.
So what did the authors add to the ITIL and ITSM ecosystem by contributing to the ITIL Practitioner Guidance publication?