What ITSM Help Do You Need in 2022?


As we do every year, it’s time to run a quick poll to find out what our readers – that’s you – would like to read about IT service management (ITSM)-wise in the year ahead. In case you need a recap, here are the 5 Hottest Trends and Topics as voted for by readers, via a similar “ITSM help” poll, in 2021.

Which #ITSM topics do you need most help with in 2022? Please take our quick poll to help us deliver content to assist. Share on X

So, as we kick off 2022, we’re offering you a one-question ITSM help poll again (with many of the same topic choices as in 2021). And remember, your answers are intended to be more personal – what YOU would like to see in terms of helpful ITSM content published in the year ahead, as opposed to your predictions of where the industry will be heading.

There are a few additions and deletions to our 2021 topics list, plus there could be other ITSM-related areas that you’d like help with during 2022 – it’s why we’ve included the “Other” option at the bottom of the alphabetical list of ITSM topics.

Please take the “60 second or less” poll – your input will help us to help you and your peers in 2022.

A Quick Look Back at 2021’s Most-Read ITSM Content

Check out this list of the top 10 most-read articles published by @ITSM_tools in 2021. #ITSM Share on X

In addition to the 2022 ITSM help poll responses, we’ll also be leveraging the reads data we’ve collected from all the content we’ve published across 2016-2021 to help drive our topics for next year. You might be interested to know that the most-read articles written and published in 2021 were:

  1. ITIL 4 Service Desk Practice Guide by Jamie Bell (February)
  2. The 5 Hottest ITSM Trends and Topics for 2021 by Sophie Danby (January)
  3. Did I Really Learn ITIL from My Grandmother? By Ivor Macfarlane (January)
  4. 12 Books Every ITSM Practitioner Should Read by Earl Begley (April)
  5. How Can ITSM Practitioners Improve Themselves in 2022? By Sophie Danby (November)
  6. The State of Service Management 2021 by Stephen Mann (September)
  7. Want the 2020 Gartner ITSM Magic Quadrant for Free? By Sophie Danby (February)
  8. What Do You Love Most About Working in IT? By Sophie Danby (February)
  9. Why Organizational Integration is Essential to Digital Transformation by Erin Casteel (January)

And these are our most-read articles of 2021 regardless of the year in which they were published (which we show in brackets):

No surprise to see @StuartRance topping our list of most-read articles in 2021 regardless of the year in which they were published. Check the full list here. #ITSM Share on X
  1. How to Define, Measure, and Report-IT Service Availability by Stuart Rance (2017)
  2. The 10 Best Office Automation Tools for IT Managers by Ben Lang (2018)
  3. It’s Here – ITIL 4 Explained by Akshay Anand (2019)
  4. The ITIL 4 Value System Explained by Sophie Danby (2019)
  5. Service Desk Basics: What to Do When the End User Doesn’t Respond? By Stephen Mann (2016)
  6. ITIL 4 Service Desk Practice Guide by Jamie Bell (2021)
  7. Four Things that Ensure Fit for Use by Doug Tedder (2018)
  8. What Exactly Are XLAs and How Do You Use Them? by Hannah Price (2018)
  9. The 12-Step Journey to Modern Service Management By John Clark and Kathleen Wilson (2018)
  10. ITIL Service Portfolio Management and Its Benefits Explained by Stephen Watts (2018)

Back to 2022 and the Need for Quality ITSM Content (and ITSM Help)

I can’t write this article without putting a call out for new content! So let me remind you that anyone and everyone with ITSM experiences to share can submit ITSM-related content for publication on ITSM.tools. Ideally, these will be related to the needed ITSM topics, but we also love to receive content on topics that get insufficient love in the ITSM community. All we ask is that what’s shared – your ITSM help – will be useful to readers.

Take note though, we adhere to a strict editorial process to ensure that content is a good use of our readers’ valuable time. You can read more on our content creation guidelines and how to submit your content ideas here.

And of course a cheeky plug to ITSM product and service providers for our writing services: If writing helpful ITSM content isn’t your cup of tea (or coffee) right now due to time constraints and/or the pressures of post-pandemic business, we can help. We offer a wide range of content creation, marketing, and design services. It’s how we’re able to provide all this free ITSM greatness. A brief list of our services can be viewed here. For more information, please use our online contact form.

Please take this 60 quick one-question poll on which #ITSM topics you need help with in 2022. Your input will help us to help you and your peers in the year ahead. Share on X

Right, back to the ITSM help poll and if you’ve not done so already, then please complete the quick poll. It really will help us to ensure that our 2022 ITSM content calendar aligns with the industry’s common wants, challenges, and frustrations. Whether you’re an IT manager, an IT service desk employee, an ITSM consultant, an ITIL trainer, or an ITSM tool vendor employee, your input to the poll will be critical in helping us to ensure that ITSM.tools’ weekly article content (sometimes more, sometimes less) continues to deliver value to all the wonderful people who take the time to read it.

Thank You!

Sophie Danby
Marketing Consultant at ITSM.tools

Sophie is a freelance ITSM marketing consultant, helping ITSM solution vendors to develop and implement effective marketing strategies.

She covers both traditional areas of marketing (such as advertising, trade shows, and events) and digital marketing (such as video, social media, and email marketing). She is also a trained editor. Y

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