The 5 Hottest ITSM Trends (and Topics) for 2023

Hottest ITSM Trends for 2023

Each year we look for the key ITSM trends. At the end of 2022, we polled readers on the IT service management (ITSM) topic areas they would like content-related help with in 2023. While not strictly true, we still like to think that the poll results are “the hottest ITSM trends and topics for 2023” for the IT industry. Perhaps also affecting the broader service management use cases available through enterprise service management strategies.

This article shares the results of the 2023 content poll and offers insight into how the ITSM trends have changed over the last six years.

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We made an anonymous ITSM trends poll available for anyone to vote on during December 2022. The survey respondents chose their five most important ITSM trends and topics for 2023 relative to creating new content from a total of 25 options.

Importantly, sharing the ITSM trends poll results isn’t to tell you where to focus your attention in 2023. Instead, they are intended as a helpful insight into where the ITSM community is right now and, if required, to provide a valuable sense check for your 2023 ITSM improvement plans.

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The 2023 ITSM content poll results

We appreciate that your time is valuable, so here’s a quick snapshot of the 2023 ITSM trends poll results:

Note – The percentages add up to 497% because each respondent chose five options and rounding errors
This article via @ITSM_tools shares the results of its 2023 content poll and offers insight into how the trends have changed over the last six years. #ITSM Share on X

The five hottest ITSM Trends for 2023 versus those for 2022

The top five ITSM trends and topic areas for 2023 are:

  1. Value demonstration
  2. People (including attitude, behavior, and culture (ABC))
  3. Enterprise service management
  4. Advanced ITSM (which we previously called ITSM “advanced”)
  5. AI/machine learning

Versus the top ITSM trends for 2022:

  1. ITSM “advanced”
  2. Enterprise service management
  3. Digital transformation/digital workflows
  4. People (including attitude, behavior, and culture (ABC))
  5. Employee experience management
In 2023 it's all about VALUE. With this topic vaulting from joint 6 in 2022 to the top place for 2023, in terms of the areas #ITSM pros most need help with according to an @ITSM_tools poll. Share on X

The main 2023 poll changes in the top five hottest ITSM trends

A comparison of the 2023 and 2022 ITSM trends top-five lists shows that:

  • Value has vaulted from joint #6 in 2022 to the top place for 2023
  • People has jumped from #4 to #2
  • Enterprise service management, having jumped from #5 to #2 in 2022, has held its top-three position at #3 in 2023
  • Advanced ITSM dropped from #1 to #4 (after ITSM “advanced” appeared from nowhere to top the poll list in 2022). This drop will likely be partly caused by the separation of ITIL/ITSM “advanced” capabilities as an option for 2023. This topic is still positioned at #9 (22%)
  • AI/machine learning held fast at #5 after its joint #6 place in 2022
  • Employee experience dropped from #5 to #6, perhaps after everything that has been written on it during 2022
  • Digital transformation dropped from joint #3 in 2022 to #8 in 2023.
Which topics do #ITSM pros want most help with in 2023? Value jumps from 6th to 1st, people jumps from 4th to 2nd, and enterprise service management holds its top 3 position. See the full results here. Share on X

The chart below shows how these and other ITSM trends have changed over the last six years.

The probable reasons for the most recent changes with ITSM trends will be considered elsewhere.

Existing hottest ITSM trends content

While the poll was to identify what readers need for 2023, it also allows us to resurface some existing 2022 ITSM trends content that might be helpful:

1 – Value demonstration

Older value ITSM trends articles can be found here.

2 – People (including attitude, behavior, and culture (ABC))

Older people ITSM trends articles can be found here.

3 – Enterprise service management

Older enterprise service management articles can be found here (it’s one of the ITSM trends that has been around a long time).

4 – Advanced ITSM (which we previously called ITSM “advanced”)

There was a lot of head-scratching after this topic was voted top in the ITSM trends for 2022. It was intended as the opposite of ITSM “basics,” but how people voted in numbers in 2022 made us think it was potentially more. The 2023 poll verified this – with advanced ITSM still #4 after ITIL/ITSM “advanced” capabilities positioned ninth as a separate option for 2023. As to what this ITSM trend includes, the quick 2022 explanation was one or more of the following:

  • Introducing the ITSM capabilities that traditionally have lower adoption levels but are now more relevant to organizations, such as formal service financial management and IT asset management capabilities
  • Doing things differently – for example, adopting the new guidance for an ITIL practice already in place, such as “swarming” for incident management. Or refocusing ITSM from “what’s done” to “what’s achieved (by what’s done).” With a focus on business outcomes (and value) and the employee experience, with experience level agreements (XLAs) complementing traditional service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Leveraging new technologies more (itself one of the ITSM trends)
  • Sharing advanced ITSM with other business functions through (advanced) enterprise service management.

It was thought to collectively cover the 2022 ITSM trends column in the above chart, blending the various topics – where every organization might have a slightly different interpretation based on its needs. However, an obvious omission was the focus on people in making all of this change a successful reality.

Most of the relevant 2022 ITSM trends content written about advanced ITSM (that’s not covered in the other sections) relates to experience management:

Older employee experience ITSM trends articles can be found here.

5 – AI/machine learning

Older AI ITSM trends articles can be found here.

Digital transformation drops from joint 3rd in 2022 to 8th in 2023, in respect of which topics @ITSM_tools readers most need help with in the year ahead. Share on X

ITSM trends content for the year ahead

When publishing ITSM content, will continue to take a readers-first approach that’s not limited to ITSM trends. So, please contact us about any new ITSM topics that will help you because while we’ll use the 2023 ITSM trends poll results to drive our content plan for the year ahead, we will offer other content when considered helpful. Please submit an article idea if you can help with new ITSM content on these or other ITSM trends topics.

Finally, thank you for reading, and we hope to make 2023 a year of even more helpful, shared ITSM content that helps with these ITSM trends.

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