Employee Experience Articles

What ITSM Pros Need to Know About Customer and Employee Experience

Some corporate IT organizations feel uncomfortable with the term “customer experience” when referring to internal end users. So, is employee experience a better term? And if it is, what are the barriers to success and how can you get it right? This article explains all.
Why is it that in the list of recently published ITSM hot topics, “people” topics come nowhere near the top? Do people not understand that business change is not built on process and technology, it’s built on people. Read more here.
The signs of the growing customer experience adoption are already here and impacting the world of ITSM. In this article, Stephen Mann shares the latest industry statistics related to CX and the service desk, and why you should take note.
How do you make employee experience your most meaningful IT service management metric? Here Pasi Nikkanen shares his insights.
Here Matt Hooper asks: “Does great customer service translate into a great customer experience?” and “Does a great experience result in great service?”