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Back in 2017, when the world was remarkably more ‘normal’ than it seems now, Stephen Mann wrote an article entitled ‘28 of the Best “Company” ITSM Blogs. The idea behind it being to showcase the places where you can find reliable, good, best practice IT service management (ITSM) content on ITSM blog sites. The article has since had 2,500 reads, which might sound a lot, but to be honest given it was published almost five years ago it isn’t that brilliant of a figure… I mean Stuart Rance’s article, published in the same year, ‘How to Define, Measure, and Report IT Availability’ has had over 35.5k reads at the time of writing this. But hey ho, it’s not a competition.

Anyway, I digress… A lot changes in five years (global pandemic anyone?), so despite it not being the most popular of our articles, I felt it was time for a refresh of our list of ITSM blog sites. I mean, many of the companies on the original list don’t even exist anymore, be it through merger, acquisition, or simply ‘shutting up shop.’ Then, of course, there’s the question around the reliability of the quality of content on each ITSM blog site, now, five years later.

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So, What Does the ITSM Blog Sites List Look Like Now?

Well, I started with a good old copy-and-paste from the original list, and then set about removing and adding new ITSM blog sites to give us a shiny new list of ‘40 Best ITSM Blog Sites.’ I’ve also not limited this list to pure ‘ITSM.’ As already mentioned, there’s been a lot of change in the last five years, and now there’s a much longer list of topics that people in the service management community need help with.

All the sites I’ve included here blog on a semi-regular cadence and offer quality best practice advice. That said, specifically on the vendor list, you’ll always find the odd overly-promotional piece. So, as you read through this list, it’s worth noting Stephen’s comment from his original article for when you click-through to any of these ITSM blog sites:

“Be warned though, sometimes you’ll trip up on a little too much “marketing” slipped into what is otherwise a great ITSM blog, or hit some product-specific blogs jumbled in there, or maybe press releases thinly disguised as ITSM blogs.”

I best also mention that each sub-list is provided alphabetically, and the order does not suggest that one of the ITSM blog sites is better than another. Right, here we go…

ITSM Blog Sites from Service Management Vendors

This list is now not just a list of ITSM or service management tool vendors, but a list of ITSM Blog Sites from vendors applicable to the service management industry.

  1. Atlassian – very much focused on ‘people’ topics around work-life balance, virtual teams, and collaboration. The content here isn’t overly focused on product, which makes it great reading for most people.
  2. Beyond Trust – a good place to consume content related to cyber security.
  3. BMC – a lot of ‘traditional’ topics covered here, think ITIL and other best practices.
  4. Cloudsoft – plenty of cloud content here from AWS to best practice.
  5. DXC TechnologyDigital transformation, automation, and employee experience (EX) lead the way in this ITSM blog.
  6. EasyVista – there’s a real mix of content here from light-hearted themed posts, to product-related news, to best practice advice on topics such as automation, as well as service management basics.
  7. Freshservice – quite easily one of the vendors with the best blog graphics, here you’ll find a good mix of service desk content as well as links to recent service management podcasts.
  8. HappySignals – this should be your go to place for best practice around EX and experience level agreements (XLAs). They also have a popular podcast series.
  9. InvGate – another one with great blog graphics, there’s a regular cadence of best practice service management and IT asset management (ITAM) content here, often featuring industry authority contributions. It’s one of the most regular ITSM blog sites.
  10. IFS  – enterprise service management (ESM) mixed with ITIL 4 seems to be the name of the game here.
  11. IT Care Center – plugged as a resource for IT professionals, there’s content on a wide variety of different topics here from service management basics to ESM.
  12. Ivanti – a much broader range of IT management topics can be found here in line with breadth of Ivanti’s product offerings.
  13. Joe the IT Guy – owned and run by SysAid, I’m counting this as a vendor blog. Not the same cadence of content there once was, but good stuff still published all the same.
  14. Kaleo – a particularly good blog site if you’re after help with self-service.
  15. ManageEngine – an IT management blog rather than just ITSM. In fact, in recent times there’s been very little service desk content. Plenty to consume on the topic of IT security though.
  16. Moogsoft – site reliability engineering (SRE) and AIOps seems to be the name of the game here.
  17. Nexthink – another one offering up regular podcast episodes, there’s a mix of content available here around digital experience.
  18. ServiceAide – after recently acquiring SunView Software, compliance and ESM seem to be the core topics on offer.
  19. ServiceNow – a strange choice of ‘stocky’ imagery for such a big brand name, but here you’ll find a wealth of topics related to IT management and wider service management regardless.
  20. Sunrise Software – covers a wide range of service management-related topics.
  21. Symphony SummitArtificial Intelligence (AI) is certainly the focus in this blog roll.
  22. SysAid – automation is the main topic here. You’ll also frequently find contributions from industry authorities, which are usually worth a read.
  23. TOPdesk – at first glance there’s a lot of tool selection related-content, but navigate the topic list in the toolbar and you’ll find a wealth of other content. There’s quality stuff here related to service management trends, ITIL best practice, and ESM.
  24. Zendesk – still one of the best places for customer experience-related content. There’s some service desk content too, but at a lower maturity level than some of the others in this list.

ITSM and Service Desk “Member Organizations”

There’s no change here from our original list of ITSM blog sites.

  1. HDI – probably one of the most active ITSM blog sites in our list, add them to your blog feed for content on everything related to the service desk.
  2. itSMF UK – no blog is the same here, a wide variety of service management topics are covered.
  3. SDI – content tends to support events as opposed to standalone best practice, but there’s still a wealth of good stuff to read here.

ITSM Blog Sites from ITSM Consultancies and Training Organizations

We’ve gone from a list of 8 to 10 here, with some changes along the way.

  1. AXELOS – the blog roll has been replaced with a ‘resource center,’ but all this means is you get papers, videos, podcasts, and eBooks in addition to blogs, all in one place.
  2. Barclay Rae Consulting – there isn’t much of a regular cadence of content here, but it didn’t seem right to miss Barclay out, because when he does publish something it’s usually worth reading.
  3. Clifton Butterfield, LLC – the home of Roy Atkinson’s written words, need we say more?
  4. Tedder Consulting – one of the most reliable sites for content when it comes to quality, everyone should be reading Doug’s articles.
  5. ITAM Accelerate – if you’re looking for quality ITAM content, get this website saved to your shortcuts. There’s a wealth of advice here from seasoned ITAM and SAM pros Kylie Fowler and Rory Canavan.
  6. ITSM Zone – you won’t find as much best practice blog content here these days, but it’s still the home of the ITSM Crowd video-chat series, which is always worth plugging into.
  7. Karenferris.com – want to know anything about organizational change and successful leadership? This is where you need to be.
  8. Optimal Service Management – the ITSM legend that is Stuart Rance might not blog regularly these days, but you don’t want to miss it when he does.
  9. Scopism – your one-stop shop for Service Integration and Management (SIAM) content.
  10. The Institute for Digital Transformation – the home of Charles Arajuo and practical advice around digital transformation.

ITSM “Content Services”

Just one sneaky change here.

  1. IT Chronicles – with blogs published daily, the site covers an extensive range of IT-related topics.
  2. ITSM.tools – it’s a bit odd to include ourself in the list, but ‘40 Best ITSM Blog Sites’ just sounds so much better than ‘39 Best ITSM Blog Sites,’ so there you go.
  3. SITS Blog Spot – a useful place to visit for ITSM-related news, and you can probably expect an increase in the number of articles in the run up to their annual conference.

So there you go, 40 of the best ‘ITSM blog sites’ out there. Although arguably not all related to ITSM, but hey I have to think of SEO 😉

If you would like to read some ITSM blogs, here you go…

Sophie Danby
Marketing Consultant at ITSM.tools

Sophie is a freelance ITSM marketing consultant, helping ITSM solution vendors to develop and implement effective marketing strategies.

She covers both traditional areas of marketing (such as advertising, trade shows, and events) and digital marketing (such as video, social media, and email marketing). She is also a trained editor. Y

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