Enterprise Service

Throughout 2019 there was a lot of buzz around ‘trends’ such as digital transformation, AI, and continued cloud adoption. So the question is, will 2020 be more of the same? Or should we expect to see new trends and focuses in the world of ITSM?
While information of enterprise service management successes and failures can be hard to access, here we suggest that the more readily available digital transformation stories can be conveniently applied to corporate enterprise service management strategies and their execution.
In this article Sarah Lahav discusses the important role that service management has to play in enabling businesses to be more progressive, and shares her thoughts on what IT organizations need to do to be successful in delivering enterprise service management and, thus, increased business value.
How can enterprise service management (ESM) benefit educational institutions (schools and higher education) by making service delivery and support more efficient and effective through the leveraging of existing IT investments? Here we explore, with examples of what ESM looks like in the education sector.
Did you know that ITSM tools are perfect places for organizations to run their GDPR processes from? Here Richard Josey explains.
So enterprise service management is happening, but what should you do to increase your organization’s chances of success?
“Enterprise service management can, and should, be so much that replicating the IT service desk in other business functions” says Stephen Mann.
Stephen Mann takes a look at four key drivers that are helping enterprise service management’s cause. Take a look to see what they are.
“The business benefits of enterprise service management should be articulated and sold” says Stephen Mann. Here these benefits are explained.